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The foundation of African Culture is established and built upon Family connections that are not nuclear in structure, but extended in nature and function.  Every Akan town or village is made up of a number of families (abusuafoo) that

collectively embody the clan system. The founding mother's abusua of that town or village constitutes the royal family from

which a prospective chief and queen mother are groomed and appointed by the various family elders. Each clan

comprises many lineages which are blood-related individuals. Each town or village constitutes a political unit.

Many towns and villages can form a paramountcy (oman) such as in the Asante, whose heads becomes the Paramount Chief (Omanhene) and Queen Mother (Ohemaa).  Each town or village has a chief, a queen mother and a council of elders

consisting of males and females from each abusua, which along with others constitutes the governing body.


We have come to realize that the “Sankofa Process” of going back to fetch, and then live the best of our cultural heritages, (purification) is key to our future success as African people throughout the world.

As an officially recognized Asante Kingdom in North America, this very significant milestone for the Asante Nkonim Kurom (Asante Victory Town) located in Philadelphia facilitates an important aspect of our Sankofa (Return) journey because it reconnects our brothers and sisters born in America with our Akan Family Structure in Ghana and beyond. This crucial Family re-connection will bring forth a council of elders, functional in all capacities. As a result of being directly re-connected

(not just in theory) to the family structures and traditional governing systems of our Ancestors, our Asante Nkomin village will grow, develop and govern itself as such on the shoresof North America.

Asante Nkonim Kurom In North America


The Asante Nkonim Kurom (Asante Victory Town),

headquartered in Philadelphia, is a bridge that reconnects Akan / Asante Africans born in North America to their bloodline families (clans) and the cultural expressions of their Ancestral Motherland.


AsanteNkonim Kurom restores the Spiritual Cultural foundation, which was adversely impacted by enslavement and colonialism in Africa and around the world.

Our restored foundation enables us to re-establish and reconnect ourselves as families and as true Divine African Beings.

We are Africans in mind, body and spirit, and must live that reality wherever we find ourselves in the world.

The reunification of Africans worldwide is accomplished under the common banner of our illustrious Spiritual Cultural Traditions and governing structures, which are grounded in families and based on Divine principles, Ancestral links and Collective responsibilities.


2038 S. 5th Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19148




Tel 1(267) 602-7151

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