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ANKH International is a 501c3 nonprofit formed by Asante Nkonim Kurom to further its work of promoting the reintegration of African Bloodline Nations in North America with their respective families and nations in Africa.

Along with its sister organization in Ghana, ANKH International manages the Sankofa Museum Pavilion project. The Sankofa Museum Pavilion will be built in Hwidiem, Ghana, and will serve as an ongoing educational and cultural center for Africans on the Continent and throughout the Diaspora.

Our Mission

The mission of ANKH International is to educate Africans born in North America, throughout the Diaspora and on the Continent, regarding traditional African holistic culture, ancestral reconnection and bloodline nation building.


Nana Kofi Tuuda

a.k.a Donald Lewis 


Nana Yaw Amponsah

a.k.a Sean Colman


Nana Oforiwa 

a.k.a Marcia Joseph 


Charles Kweku Tabi

Executive Board 

Akos a.k.a. 

Rosemond Nti Obeng

Executive Board

Board of Advisors

Nana Boakye Yiadom

Kwesi Ra Nehem

Ptah Akhan

Astou, a.k.a.

Dr. Robbin Alston

Daniel Boadi Acheanpong

Bill Hardy

Ronald Heigler

Kofi a.k.a.

Sam Anyang-Kusi

Mangaliso Ture 

Design Team 

Njemile Ali

Zakiyyah Ali.


267. 602.7151


To receive timely information about upcoming events, programs and publications.

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