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Asante Nkonim Kurom (Asante Victory Town) in North America has become the first Asante Nation to be formed on the shores of North America, made up of Akan / Asante that were born in North America. 



Pictured: Gathering hosted at the Asante Nkonim Kurom Embassy in

Hwidiem, Asante Akyem, Ghana during Ghana's 2019 Year of Return. 

The Asante Nkonim Kurom (Asante Victory Town), headquartered in Philadelphia PA, is a bridge that reconnects Akan / Asante Africans born in North America to their bloodline families (clans) and the cultural expressions of their Ancestral Motherland.

The name represents our victory over 500+ years of enslavement and disconnection from our natural, African family way of life. For over 40 years, Asante Nkonim Kurom in North America (ANK) has spearheaded the recognition of the family basis of our true return.


Through our Ancestral guidance and the support of our Sister City, Agogo, Asante Akyem in Ghana, we have been groomed to demonstrate to Africans in America how to rediscover our family and clan ancestral heritage.

AsanteNkonim Kurom restores the Spiritual Cultural

foundation, which was adversely impacted by enslavement and colonialism in Africa and around the world.

Our restored foundation enables us to re-establish and reconnect ourselves as families and as true Divine African Beings.

We are Africans in mind, body and spirit, and must live that reality wherever we find ourselves in the world. The reunification of Africans worldwide is accomplished under the common banner of our illustrious Spiritual Cultural Traditions and governing structures, which are grounded in families and based on Divine principles, Ancestral links and Collective responsibilities

We cultivate full spectrum, holistic and sustainable connections through our application of traditional institutions. This includes clanship, Eldership, governing through the traditiona Chieftaincy systems, life cycle observations and celebrations, cultural education, family economics, farming, business and sustainable development.

What We Do



The ANK mission is to promote the formation of purified, static/dynamic African Bloodline Nations in North America and facilitate their reintegration with their respective bloodline nations in Africa so that we can Sankofa (go back and fetch) together.



We envision connected, thriving African bloodline nations throughout the Diaspora and Africa, living in alignment with Ancestral guidance, traditional self-governance, collective economics and productivity that fully honors the Earth, ourselves and our family systems.



Returning to and unfolding our own best selves after the experiences of enslavement and colonialism requires that we purify, individually and collectively. This means rebuilding from the inside out, through:

  • Character development

  • Principled action

  • Ancestral guidance

  • African traditional studies

  • Holistic dietary & healing practices

Our Abusua (Family)

The foundation of African Culture is established and built upon family connections that are not nuclear in structure, but extended in nature and function


Every Akan town or village is made up of a number of families (abusuafuo) that collectively embody the clan system. The founding mother's abusua of that town or village constitutes the royal family from which a prospective chief and queen mother are divinely groomed and appointed by the various family elders.


Each clan comprises many lineages which are blood-related individuals. Each town or village constitutes a political unit.


Many towns and villages can form a paramountcy (oman) such as in the Asante, whose heads becomes the Paramount Chief (Omanhene) and Queen Mother (Ohemaa).

Each town or village has a chief, a queen mother and a council of elders consisting of males and females from each abusua, which along with others constitutes the governing body.

Totem : Crow 
Abusua: Asona Kwaakwaadabi
Symbolic Qualities: 
Statesmanship & Patriotism
Accolade: Extraordinary beauty  
Totem : Dog 
Abusua: Aduana Okraman 
Symbolic Qualities: 
Honesty & Industriousness 
Totem : Parrot  
Abusua: Agona Ako 
Symbolic Qualities: 
Eloquence & Perfect Management
Totem : Vulture
Abusua: Asakyire Opete
Symbolic Qualities: 
Totem : Bat
Abusua: Asene Apan 
Symbolic Qualities: 
Diplomacy & Faithfulness
Totem : Buffalo/Bull or Bison
Abusua: Ekoona Ekoo
Symbolic Qualities: 
Honesty & Uprightness
Totem : Leopard
Abusua: Bretuo Osebo
Symbolic Qualities: 
Bravery & Courage
Totem : Eagle, Hawk or Falcon
Abusua: Ayokuo Osana
Symbolic Qualities: 
Statesmanship, Patience & Bravery
Our Abusuafuo Over The Years 

Pictured: 2014 Annual Sankofa Event- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 


Pictured: Nana Kwame Akuoko Sarpong (Agogohene) and

Nana Afrakoma Serwaa Kusi Oboadum is greeted by the Agogo Community.

Pictured: Nana Sarpong - Agogohene / Otumfuo Osei Tutu II -
The Asantehene / Nana Kofi Tuuda.
Through the personal tutelage of Nana Sarpong to Nana Kofi Tuuda over the past forty one years, Asante Nkonim Kurom has not only re-established the abusua clan reconnections, but also an Asante city-to-city connection in Ghana and North America
Another relationship that has been firmly established is with the Agogo Worldwide Association (AWA) and Asante Nkonim Kurom.

The connections made through AWA connecting us as Asante family worldwide has provided the platform that enables ANK and Agogo to be of benefit to each other.

Nananom Yekyia mo..

On behalf of Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu, Akwamu Nation in North America, I would like to say yeda ase (we thank you) to Nana Tuuda and Asante Nkonim Kurom (Asante Nation in Philadelphia) for inviting us to participate in your annual Sankofa Nhyiamu observance this past Menmeneda (Saturday).


Asante Nkonim Kurom and the emerging ANK Museum and Pavilion is a model for others to replicate in principle with regard to the Amansesew -Nationbuilding/Restoration process.

We look forward to furthering our connections as we work in synergy to restore Abibiriman, the Black Nation.

Yebehyia bio.. We will meet again..

Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan
Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu
Akwamu Nation in North America
Hoodoo Gyaasedan

The Akan/Asantes are one of many ethnicities, or cultural expressions, represented by Africans in America. ANK has established relationships with other emerging African Nations in North America that are providing education and pathways to restoring institutions unique to their cultural expressions. These include the Akwamu Nation in North America, another Akan cultural expression, and the Damara, whose ancestral homeland is Namibia.
Mangaliso Ture 
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